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What does “out-of-pocket” mean in health care?

When choosing a health insurance plan, it’s important to consider all of the costs that you could potentially be responsible for. Many health insurance plans require a monthly premium. The premium is the cost of obtaining the insurance, and it must be paid to keep the insurance active. In addition, there are out-of-pocket costs. These […]

How to Find a Health Insurance Agent

If you are shopping for health insurance, it’s important to understand the process and what you are buying. In the health insurance industry, agents and brokers are known as producers. Agents and brokers also don’t do the same thing. Instead, an agent works with primarily one company and a broker sells many plans from different […]

How to Get a Medical Insurance Card

Medical insurance cards are universally recognized as something that everybody should carry on their person at all times. If you are injured and unable to communicate with health insurance providers, they will be able to check your medical insurance card and get the information they need. Even if you are not injured and can communicate […]

Who is a dependent for health insurance purposes?

The precise definition of a dependent, as it relates to health insurance, is a complex issue with many sides to it. Certain people can be claimed as dependents on your health insurance and certain people cannot be claimed as dependents on your health insurance. There are also regulations surrounding how you add someone as a […]

Is a physical exam required for health insurance?

With all the regulations and laws surrounding the subject, it can be difficult to know what you have to do to get health insurance. There is a large variety of health insurance plans that offer different levels of coverage and different deductibles. Some of these plans are provided by an employer to their employees as […]

What does “policyholder” mean for insurance?

When discussing insurance, one of the terms that is most frequently used is policyholder. However, it can remain ambiguous exactly what this means and the precise definition can vary depending upon the situation. It means something different for private health insurance than it does for public health insurance programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Need insurance? […]

How long does it take to get health coverage?

How long does it take to get health coverage through my employer? The amount of time you have to wait after you start your job but before your health coverage begins can vary based on your employer’s discretion. However, the maximum waiting period is set at 90 days. Under the Affordable Care Act, most large […]

What is a health insurance policy?

According to, health insurance can be defined as a contract requiring health insurers to pay a part or all of a party’s health care costs in exchange for paying a premium. Health insurance is typically offered on an individual or group basis. Individual health insurance is defined as a state-regulated policy designed for someone […]

How do I prove I have health insurance?

How do I prove I have health insurance? You can report your health insurance status when you file your federal tax returns for the previous year. There are three different forms that the IRS uses to gather health insurance information. If you purchased your health insurance coverage through the marketplace exchange, you should file your […]

How can I buy my own health insurance?

For every person, there comes a time when they must consider buying a health plan. Many people get coverage as a dependent. The Obamacare rules permit children to stay on a parent’s policy until age 26. Buying a health plan is usually simple and straightforward of it coincides with the open enrollment for the next […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save