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Switching Health Insurance Companies While Pregnant

The time to switch health plans coincides with the Obamacare open enrollment period. The Open Enrollment Period is the best time to buy insurance, make changes to your existing policy, or switch providers altogether. The Affordable Care Act banned the use of pre-existing conditions and medical underwriting in health insurance applications. Pregnancy is not a […]

What is a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan?

The magnitude of health insurance changes that have occurred over the past few years have resulted in many consumers feeling lost or confused. With more people opting for lower-cost high-deductible health insurance coverage, the risk of greater out-of-pocket spending for medical services increases as well. Fortunately, there are avenues that have been provided by the […]

Health Insurance for an Australian Visitor

If you are only going to be abroad for a short period of time, your best option is probably visitor’s medical insurance. It is an insurance plan for those who are in the country temporarily. The costs of medical services in the United States are expensive, so it is important to protect yourself with a […]

Health Insurance for a Visa Holder

Most visa holders are able to get health insurance through the Marketplace or by purchasing a plan from a private health insurance broker. Other legal immigrants are also eligible to purchase plans in this way. In most cases, you will have to apply for a plan during the open enrollment period. If you recently obtained […]

How to Have a Baby Without Health Insurance

The stress of being pregnant is enough without having to worry about health coverage for both you and your baby. Prenatal care is essential to a healthy birth, but often that is easier said than done when in a panic and searching for health insurance options. A normal, healthy birth can cost between $6,000 and […]

What is United Medical Resources (UMR)?

United Medical Resources is affiliated with the United Healthcare insurance company, but it is not considered an insurance company on its own. It is a third party administrator. It is actually the largest TPA in the United States and offers several administrative benefits to employers and beneficiaries that enroll. United Medical Resources offers consistent customer […]

What is commercial health insurance plan?

In a strict sense, commercial insurance is any health plan that is not provided by a public body or government agency like Medicaid. The focus of commercial health insurance is corporate profit for the provider and its shareholders, owners, or stakeholders. Commercial health insurance is also a type of health insurance with income protection coverage. […]

What is a “carve out” in healthcare?

A carve-out is a management strategy; the party in control of payments or a plan hires a specialist firm to administer some part or parts of a benefits program. Carve-outs occur on two levels of the medical insurance business. Carve-outs occur at the payer level and the plan level. Self-funded employer plans frequently use carve-outs […]

How to Sue a Medical Insurance Company

While lawsuits should be avoided if possible, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sue your insurance company. If they break the law or the insurance contract that you signed with them at the start of your coverage, you may have legitimate grounds for a lawsuit.sue your insurance company. Lawsuits can […]

Is liposuction ever covered by health insurance?

In most cases, you will not be able to use your insurance coverage for liposuction surgery because it is not considered a medical necessity. In some cases You will have to speak directly to your insurance company to find out what they cover. You can usually log on to your insurance company’s website with your […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save