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What is the role of a health insurance specialist?

Health insurance specialists play an important role in the operation of health Insurance across the US. They work for the government as well as private medical care businesses. They work in professional offices, clinics, and hospitals, and their work contributes to overall operations and patient care. Their skills and knowledge include a detailed understanding of […]

Is my health insurance good?

These are the four areas that will help you determine if your health insurance policy is a good one or not. Not all insurance providers are created the same. Some policies are incredibly good, offer great comprehensive coverage at affordable rates, and have implemented a claims process that is easy to navigate. Others, quite frankly, […]

What is the health insurance marketplace?

The health insurance marketplace consists of federal and state-run organizations that manage systems for reviewing and buying health insurance plans. The marketplace consists Web portals, telephone personnel, and physical office locations. The overall purpose is to qualify health insurance plans and connect consumers with the cost and financial assistance programs in the Obamacare marketplace. The […]

When is the open enrollment period for health insurance?

Open enrollment is the period in which every eligible person has a right to purchase a qualified health plan that meets the requirements of the individual mandate. Insurance providers develop plans and present them for approval to state or federal agencies. Once approved, insurers offer these plans during the open enrollment period. Based on geographic […]

When can you buy health insurance?

The open enrollment is the preferred time to buy health insurance; the opportunity to purchase coverage ends with the close of open enrollment. The Congress designed the ACA with the idea that everyone would buy insurance during open enrollment. Insurers offer plans both on and off the federal and state exchanges. Consumers can buy private […]

Are health insurance premiums really too high?

Health insurance premiums have risen steadily over the past decade, leading many to claim that we are overpaying for health care. However, the recent increase in health care premiums is in line with the increase in health care costs. Factors that contribute to rising health care costs include an aging population, increased advances in medical […]

Are my kids automatically insured under my health insurance?

Children are not automatically covered under your health insurance plan. They have to be enrolled, and certain laws apply to existing children and how a newborn is covered. When you start a new policy, you must enroll your children at that time. If you decide later to get coverage for them, you may be required […]

Cheap health Insurance for Single Moms

As if being a single mom isn’t hard enough, there is the added pressure of finding affordable health insurance to cover your family’s medical needs. Many health insurance companies offer policies to single mothers, however, depending on your situation, it can be a struggle choosing the best policy for your family. With any one-income household, […]

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance the same everywhere?

Although Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a household name in health insurance, it is not necessarily the same all across the country. That’s because Blue Cross Blue Shield is not a single company in the same vein as United Health Care or Humana. Rather, it is an association of member companies spread throughout the […]

Can I get health insurance if I am retired?

You can get health insurance if you are retired. Which type of coverage you can get depends on several factors. Your personal needs, your age and if you have any underlying health issues can all effect what type of coverage is available to you. Start planning for tomorrow today! Enter your zip code above to compare […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save