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Is eye care covered under my health insurance?

Medical insurance does cover some eye care. If you need to see an optometrist for vision problems, you will either need to pay out of pocket or enroll in a separate vision plan because basic medical insurance will not cover it. If you need to see an ophthalmologist for an eye disorder such as macular […]

What is a medical flex plan?

Medical flex plans, also known as flexible medical plans, are policies you add to your existing coverage. The deductible works much as they do for specified health insurance. Money is taken out of your income before taxation. Flex plans have a variety of coverage. You also get the choice as to pay into the group […]

What does “permanent health insurance” mean?

The concept of permanent health insurance is nothing new. It is designed as an insurance policy whose sole aim is to provide income protection in the event the covered individual is forced out of work due to a documented illness or injury. The plan is meant to pay a monthly income to the individual in […]

Pet Health Insurance

Pets are members of our family and part of giving back the unconditional love they give to us is providing them with the very best care. Unfortunately, regular checkups at the vet are as expensive as regular medical visits for children, which is why it’s important to have pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can […]

Is prenatal care covered under my health insurance?

Most people assume that prenatal care would be covered by health insurance. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Not all health insurance policies cover prenatal care  anymore. The number of health insurance companies that choose not to cover prenatal care is steadily increasing these days. In California, more than 800,000 people have policies that […]

What is catastrophic health insurance?

Catastrophic health insurance plans are one option for individuals or families who do not have coverage through an employer or cannot afford the cost of private health insurance plans. Coverage is generally limited and deductibles are high through a catastrophic health insurance plan, but an individual’s or family’s assets are still protected in the event […]

Do I have to pay my hospital bill?

Any bills from a hospital must be paid. Even people with health insurance are required to pay the balance of bills that aren’t covered by their health insurance. Uninsured individuals are fully responsible for the debt to the hospital. However, if your bills are the result of an accident where you were not at fault, […]

How much is health insurance for cancer?

The cost of health insurance for cancer is based on the type of policy you have. A supplemental insurance plan’s cost is based on several factors. They include age, health, and risk factors such as smoking. You should except to pay about $300 a year for just yourself and around $500 for a family plan. […]

Should I buy long term-care insurance?

Recent studies show that over 60 percent of Americans over the age of 60 will require some type of long-term care in their lifetime. Long-term care is usually needed as a result of disease, illness, or advanced age. It can be among most expensive medical treatment available. For this reason, long-term care insurance is a […]

Is my mom covered under my health insurance plan?

Your mom will only be covered under your health insurance policy if you specifically purchase a plan designed to include her. There are many reasons why you might want your father or mother covered under your health insurance. Perhaps your parents live outside the United States and you want coverage for them during visits. You […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save