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  • Most people consider their pets an extension of their human family members
  • Pet insurance policies usually cost between $10 and $90 dollars per month
  • Pre-existing conditions may significantly impact the price of your pet’s health insurance policy


Advances in veterinary medicine have increased the quality of pet care to almost the same level of health care for humans.

As with other sectors of modern medicine, veterinary bills can skyrocket if your pet needs to have medical treatment improve the quality of its life.

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Covering Fuzzy Family Members

Pet Health Insurance

As much as we think of our pets as furry, lovable members of our families, the law still sees pets the same way we view our furniture or jewelry.

Health insurance for people is licensed and regulated by the government, which takes into consideration human and civil rights, along with recommendations from organizations such as the American Medical Association.

Which health insurance companies offer coverage for pets?

There are very few individual or group plans that offer coverage for families as well as pets. With laws varying state to state, it is difficult to estimate how many policies offer coverage for four-legged family members.

Pet insurance may be a niche market, but there are still plenty of health insurance programs for pets in most parts of the country.

Pet owners seem to be divided about the true value of pet insurance. Some have praised their policies for providing the best possible care for their pets at an affordable price.

Others have been burned by denials, exclusions, and fine writing that left them without coverage or with large veterinary bills.

What Should I look for in a Pet Insurance Policy?


When shopping for a policy for a pet, keep a list of the quotes and take note of the differences between them. To choose the best policy, there are several common features you will want to consider.

As with a personal or family health plan, weight the monthly premium costs and the amount of the deductible against the services allowed under the plan.

Recent consumer studies found that monthly premiums of pet policies range between $10 and $90 dollars a month.

Monthly premiums will likely depend on the age of your pet, and some pet insurers will not write new policies for senior animals.

Any co-pay amounts for routine visits, prescriptions, vaccinations, or other services also need to be considered. Many policies cap coverage by assigning a maximum dollar value that the policy will pay out.

Take note of any hereditary conditions or pre-existing problems that could be excluded from coverage.

Policies may impose restrictions on dog owners based on the breed of canine, but some states have laws prohibiting the practice of profiling dangerous animals by breed.

Be wary of overly comprehensive plans and so-called ‘wellness coverage’ for routine health maintenance as the most prominent feature of these plans may be a higher price tag.

Should I have my pet sprayed or neutered?

Many veterinarians believe spaying or neutering pets helps them live longer, healthier lives. In addition, it helps to decrease the number of unwanted pets that usually end up at the pound.

Starting a savings account for routine veterinary maintenance is a good idea, however, unless the account has enough to cover the cost of emergency procedures, you might end up paying out of pocket.

Government Employees have Pet Health Insurance

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), which provides coverage for the government’s civilian workforce, allows its members to add their pets onto their policies.

It is impossible to say if or when other healthcare plans will follow the FEHB’s lead and extend coverage to their clients’ pets.

Veterinarians do not enjoy informing their clients that the lifesaving procedures their pet may need are out of their price range. Sadly, it is a common occurrence after an animal is stricken by traumatic injury or sudden illness.

Veterinarians and insurance companies are increasingly working together to persuade pet owners to buy health policies for their pets.

Vets are now taking a pragmatic approach to making costly modern treatments available for pets while ensuring that their clients have the means to cover the bills.

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