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What is a referral in healthcare?

Referrals refer to two important functions in healthcare. First, the traditional medical definition is to issue a recommendation for a patient to see a designated doctor or type of medical care provider. This kind of referral is the customary practice when an attending doctor senses a condition that is outside of his or her area […]

What is a health insurance company?

A health insurance company offers a way to make health care more affordable by assuming the risk of paying remaining qualifying medical bills for insured individuals and families that satisfy all monthly premiums, deductibles and coinsurance payments each year. They will pay 100 percent of any remaining medical expenses once the annual out-of-pocket limit is […]

Why is medical insurance so complicated?

Medical insurance is unlike other types of insurance. The consumer can feel that it is a never-ending stream of demands for payment. The medical insurance contract must meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act for qualified health coverage. Going without coverage can bring a tax penalty, and many consumers feel that affordable premiums come […]

Is health insurance considered a fringe benefit?

Whether or not health insurance is considered a fringe benefit is a question of great importance for both employers and employees. “Fringe benefit” is a term which is usually used for taxation purposes. It is sometimes used colloquially to refer to all benefits offered by an employer, but this is not technically correct. This article […]

What does “out-of-pocket” mean in health care?

When choosing a health insurance plan, it’s important to consider all of the costs that you could potentially be responsible for. Many health insurance plans require a monthly premium. The premium is the cost of obtaining the insurance, and it must be paid to keep the insurance active. In addition, there are out-of-pocket costs. These […]

Who can be covered under my health insurance?

Individual and Family Policies Individual and family health insurance policies cannot be compared fairly. They are completely different types of policies, designed to offer coverage in different ways. An individual health insurance plan seems cheaper since all the person is paying for is their own healthcare needs. Why is it that you cannot add dependents or […]

How to Find a Health Insurance Agent

If you are shopping for health insurance, it’s important to understand the process and what you are buying. In the health insurance industry, agents and brokers are known as producers. Agents and brokers also don’t do the same thing. Instead, an agent works with primarily one company and a broker sells many plans from different […]

How to Get a Medical Insurance Card

Medical insurance cards are universally recognized as something that everybody should carry on their person at all times. If you are injured and unable to communicate with health insurance providers, they will be able to check your medical insurance card and get the information they need. Even if you are not injured and can communicate […]

Medical Insurance for My Wife

Many people want to get their spouse covered on their health insurance. Spousal health insurance coverage has been around for decades, so insurers have a set process for people who want to add their wife or husband to their policy. There is a lot of paperwork, as is common when dealing with health insurers. However, […]

Who is a dependent for health insurance purposes?

The precise definition of a dependent, as it relates to health insurance, is a complex issue with many sides to it. Certain people can be claimed as dependents on your health insurance and certain people cannot be claimed as dependents on your health insurance. There are also regulations surrounding how you add someone as a […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save