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Health Insurance for a Teenager

Which health insurance is available for teenagers depends on several different factors. Different insurance options are available depending on where you live, your family composition, your income level, your employer, or your employment status. Parents seeking health coverage for the whole family, or teens under age 19 living way from home, can choose from public […]

What is a health insurance cooperative?

What’s a health insurance cooperative? It’s becoming a popular question because co-ops are popping up everywhere. You may have a cooperative at your local farmer’s market or maybe even your child’s nursery. If so, you’re familiar with what it means. Now just imagine it being applied to your healthcare. The information provided here will help […]

What are self-funded health insurance plans?

Choosing to initiate a health insurance plan that is self-funded can seem risky for a small business, but it can make sense if you have employees that are younger and in overall good health. Providing health insurance for your employees might be required, but saving money on mandated coverage is possible, with a little knowledge […]

What is no deductible health insurance?

Health insurance, like everything else in life, comes at a cost. Sometimes that cost is paid for by employers or the government. In most cases, people seeking insurance have to pay for a portion of the bills. The deductible is the amount that you have to pay in a given year before your insurance company […]

Is health insurance considered a business expense?

When companies provide employees with group health coverage, the organizations can write off the cost as a business expense. Individuals without insurance through an employer can reduce personal incomes taxes by investing in a health savings account. Generally speaking, deducting the cost of insurance as a business expense is primarily designated for taxpayers who are […]

What does “out-of-pocket” mean in health care?

When choosing a health insurance plan, it’s important to consider all of the costs that you could potentially be responsible for. Many health insurance plans require a monthly premium. The premium is the cost of obtaining the insurance, and it must be paid to keep the insurance active. In addition, there are out-of-pocket costs. These […]

Why does Obamacare cost more money?

Obamacare may cost more than insurance did before the fundamental reforms. However, one must add in the same breath that the extent of coverage and depth of protection more than compensate for any added costs. Insurance that does not protect policyholders is not worth a price, even a lower one, to those in need. Before […]

Health Insurance Companies Are Rip-Offs

Health insurance companies do not operate for the public good. Their duty is to the owners and shareholders to return a profit on their investments. Rare corporate owners dedicate effort to doing things that help the consumer and increase insurance coverage. During the Congressional debates on the Affordable Care Act, many proponents of public operation […]

Health Insurance Coverage for the Overweight

Health Insurance Costs and Your Weight It is no secret being overweight or obese exacerbates plenty of health-related issues. For that reason, many health insurance companies charge more for coverage assuming you will need more medical services than a healthy person. Many companies offering individual health insurance plans tightened their requirements for receiving the best […]

How do real estate agents get health insurance?

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re likely affiliated with a large agency. That agency may or may not provide you with health insurance options. If your agency affiliation does not qualify you for an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, you can still obtain coverage in other ways. You may be able to work through your […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save