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What health insurance does the military have?

All active duty soldiers are automatically enrolled in the TRICARE Prime program. However, their family members and eligible dependents can enroll in the other TRICARE programs if they wish. Although TRICARE Prime is less expensive than the other programs because you have lower copayments and deductibles, you are limited to using a select few medical […]

Is Medicare considered insurance under Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act set standards for health insurance. It added requirements that protect consumers by ensuring adequate coverage for today’s medical environment It set minimum standards that policies must meet in order to satisfy the individual mandate and avoid the tax penalty. Some parts of Medicare meet the requirements of the law for quality […]

What is the role of a health insurance specialist?

Health insurance specialists play an important role in the operation of health Insurance across the US. They work for the government as well as private medical care businesses. They work in professional offices, clinics, and hospitals, and their work contributes to overall operations and patient care. Their skills and knowledge include a detailed understanding of […]

What does “state-run exchange” mean?

The term “state-run exchange” refers to the public exchanges implemented in each state according to requirements set forth in the Affordable Care Act. “Healthcare exchange” is industry jargon for the different insurance marketplaces available to insurers, employers, and members. As of 2017, 28 states have a federally-facilitated marketplace, six have a state partnership marketplace, five […]

What does “social health insurance” mean?

Social health insurance is essentially a means of raising and pooling money together to help finance a variety of health related services. This is accomplished via three primary mechanisms: Tax-Based Financing Private Health Insurance Community Insurance This is essentially a way of insuring the masses and making certain that nobody in a given community suffers […]

Is Medicare considered private health insurance?

Medicare can be either a private plan or a government-run system depending on the choices the applicant makes when joining Medicare. One of the initial choices facing the new applicant is to choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. While both are supervised by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, they have distinctly different methods. Medicare […]

What to Do When Your Health Insurance Runs Out

Many people often wonder what they should do when their health insurance runs out or is about to run out. Here are a few things that you need to know that will help you make those important decisions when your health insurance is close to expiring or has expired. Enter your zip code on this […]

What is VA health care?

Veterans Health is the federal government’s system for providing medical care for eligible ex-military personnel. It is an integrated system of guaranteed coverage and medical care. The federal government operates Veteran’s Health and thousands of related medical and research facilities. VA health is primary care and some limited financial assistance. Operating as an HMO style […]

What is Medicaid health coverage?

Medicaid health coverage is comprehensive health care. It includes hospitalization, medical insurance, and transportation. Medicaid provides medically necessary equipment , skilled services, and home care. Medicaid operates through private insurance companies as well as a government-run open network of providers. Medicaid includes the essential benefits of Marketplace coverage, and the prevention and wellness services that […]

When can you buy government health insurance?

Government insurance has been available in the United States since 1965. But unlike other health care models around the world, government insurance is only available to some. You can only get government insurance if you fall under certain circumstances, such as income, disability, or age. If you or your family are able to get government […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save