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How to Sue a Medical Insurance Company

While lawsuits should be avoided if possible, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sue your insurance company. If they break the law or the insurance contract that you signed with them at the start of your coverage, you may have legitimate grounds for a lawsuit.sue your insurance company. Lawsuits can […]

How long should I keep my health insurance records?

Using your health insurance plan seems to activate what feels like a bombardment of paperwork to your door. It can seem confusing to know what are the important documents to keep and for how long. Five to seven years is the typical amount of time that most papers have a use. Organization and knowing the […]

What is a healthcare claim form?

What is a health care claim? Because there are plenty of complicated parts to a healthcare claim, it’s best to start with a very simple definition. How Stuff Works gives the definition of a healthcare claim as “a bill for health care services that your health care provider turns into the insurance company for payment.” […]

How do I appeal a denied health insurance claim?

If you have submitted a claim to your health insurance company and it’s been denied, you have the right to appeal it. Health insurance companies are always looking to protect themselves, which means that they sometimes deny a claim and hope that you won’t argue or appeal it. There are times when your health insurance company has […]

Why do some doctors not accept health insurance?

Money is often the primary reason why many doctors will not accept certain insurance plans. Health insurance companies are notorious for continually lowering the fees they will cover. Unfortunately, the amount of time dedicated to navigating the stacks of paperwork is not worth the effort to many doctors. Of course, money is not the only […]

How do I make a health insurance claim?

According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 65 percent of all American adults under the age of 64 have private healthcare insurance coverage. For those who are part of this group, filing a health insurance claim is a process that depends mainly on the type of health insurance plan […]

Can a denied health insurance claim be appealed?

Health insurance companies sometimes deny claims for payment of services. When this happens, the amount of paperwork involved to correct the problem can be overwhelming. After all, if you pay for this insurance, should the company not have to pay for your claims? Although people may end up paying for the services themselves, there are […]

How do I appeal a health insurance claim?

The US General Accountability Office sites a lack of information as the primary cause that health insurers deny healthcare claims. The majority of denials are system-generated due to coding errors or insufficient documentation. In some cases, denials can leave patients deeply in debt and disillusioned with their coverage. If there can be a bright side […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield medical care coverage is one of the oldest health-insurance providers in the country. Founded in 1929, Blue Cross was founded to provide health insurance coverage only for hospital services. The very first Blue Cross policy was sold to teachers for $6 per year and guaranteed 21 days of hospital care. This […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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