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How do I compare health insurance plans?

When shopping for health insurance, you need to compare quotes from many different health insurance companies to get an understanding of rates, terms, coverage and any exclusions or limits. There are so many differences in policy details that comparing health insurance companies just by the cost of premiums is never enough. Don’t find yourself without […]

Can I get health insurance if I am over 60?

Many options exist for those who are over 60 and are in search of insurance coverage. While one of the main factors of health care cost is age, there are still options for seniors looking for affordable health insurance coverage. Enter your zip code above and let us help you find affordable health insurance quotes today! […]

How many Americans do not have health insurance?

It’s estimated that approximately 46 million Americans do not have health insurance. Considering the approximately 250 million people live in the United States, that means that almost 20 percent of all Americans face the perils of life daily without insurance. Don’t spend another day uninsured. Enter your zip above and compare health insurance quotes today! […]

HCSC Health Insurance Review

Healthcare services group insurance is the administrator for Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance in Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, and Oklahoma. HCSC is the largest consumer-owned insurance company in the United States, with over 20 million members. HCSC is the 6th largest health insurance company in America. The vast majority of coverage through this company […]

PacifiCare Health Insurance Review

PacifiCare health insurance is a subsidiary of United Healthcare that has been in business for 25 years. Well-known for providing comprehensive rider plans, alongside the regular insurance offerings, PacifiCare offers comprehensive care packages and policies available for a variety of budgets. Unlike other health insurance companies that are limited by a specific type of plan, PacifiCare offers five […]

Kaiser Foundation Group Health Insurance Review

The Kaiser Foundation group health insurance is part of the Kaiser Permanente foundation. Kaiser is a non-profit organization and the largest HMO insurance provider in the United States. HMO plans focus on providing low-cost healthcare to members by utilizing a network of doctors who work for prices set out by the insurance company. Kaiser healthcare […]

Are Prescription Drugs covered under my Health Insurance Plan?

It’s important to know what the coverage on your health insurance plan is before you need to use it. Many people purchase their health insurance based entirely on price, which may not be the best strategy. While health insurance can be extremely expensive (and it’s tempting to buy a cut-rate plan) you get what you […]

What agencies rate health insurance companies?

The ongoing economic recession has left many Americans wondering what a lower credit rating will mean for the country.  What will it mean for both individuals and corporations? There are several agencies whose business is to tell consumers which health insurance companies are providing the best products and services. Enter your zip code above to compare […]

Do members of Congress pay for health insurance?

With the current healthcare debate at the forefront of the nation’s budget crisis, some are wondering what kind of health plans are covering our country’s legislators. Members of Congress have the same health benefits as the vast majority of other government employees. Enter your zip code above to compare health insurance quotes in your area! […]

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Review

Health Insurance plans help stabilize a household budget by managing the financial risk of unpredictable changes in your family’s health. Shopping for health insurance coverage can bewilder the shrewdest of bargain hunters. Deciding which kind of policy is best to protect yourself and your family will likely have you facing a wide range of options. […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save