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  • You will understand the brief history of having a baby without insurance before The Affordable Care Act
  • You will get a sense of the options that are available to have a baby when you lack a health insurance policy
  • You will have the knowledge and facts to research whether you require insurance to have a child when you are without insurance


The stress of being pregnant is enough without having to worry about health coverage for both you and your baby. Prenatal care is essential to a healthy birth, but often that is easier said than done when in a panic and searching for health insurance options.

A normal, healthy birth can cost between $6,000 and $8,000. If you require a c-section or other complications arise, the cost rises exponentially. Pregnancy is also considered a pre-existing condition. Before The Affordable Care Act, finding insurance while pregnant was nearly impossible. The premiums and deductibles were as costly as a birth without a policy in place.

In order to take advantage of The Affordable Care Act, you must enroll during open enrollment. The Marketplace does not consider pregnancy as qualifying event. However, moving, marriage or divorce does entitle you to shop for a policy through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Private insurers or a spouse’s group plan through work does include pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and will cover you as such. The mandate was brought on by The Affordable Care Act. They can no longer reject you for being pregnant nor penalize you for waiting to become insured.

The Array Of Potential Options


If you do not qualify through The Marketplace for the reasons listed, you are still not without options. The health insurance field has improved their standards in regards to pre-existing conditions as well as implementing mandates that assist expecting mothers in enrolling for an insurance policy.

– Medicaid

Medicaid has always been an option for low-income mothers. However, in recent years, it is not only the poorest who can receive the benefits that Medicaid provides. You want to check your availability of Medicaid assistance since the expansion. Medicaid covers pregnancy, prenatal care, unforeseen complications, and your child once they are born.

– Benefit of Health Reform

The Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) is part of health insurance reform. The program is available and offered to those who have not been insured for six months and have a pre-existing condition. PCIP is available as a gap insurance but now is used to cover your baby, even if you enroll 60 days after their birth.

– Employer Group Plans and COBRA Insurance Coverage


Your spouse may have coverage through their workplace. The group plan your spouse receives may allow you as an additional dependent, so your pregnancy is covered. The premiums will likely rise, but it is better than paying out of pocket for every check-up and wellness visit throughout your pregnancy.

The Affordable Care Act has ensured that pregnancy is accepted even as a pre-existing condition. Your spouse’s insurance coverage may include you under their employer’s umbrella.

After the baby is born, he or she can also transition into a dependent on the health insurance policy for an additional premium cost.

COBRA insurance is pricey. If you or your spouse have recently been laid off and had health insurance through work, you are eligible for COBRA health coverage. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA, may be more expensive than insurance while employed, however, it will save your bottom line in the long run. Especially if there are complications.

– Factor in Your Age

The introduction of The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance agencies or workplace group plans cover dependents up to the age of 26. Some states do vary on the age limit. Always check your state mandates when researching and shopping for a health insurance policy.

If you are under the age limit, your parents can add you to their health insurance plans. Often, you will find that your parents’ insurance policy is better than what you may find in the field.

– The Holistic Approach

Midwives and birthing centers are not only holistic; it is a cheaper avenue when pregnant and preparing to give birth. However, you have to take into account the possibility of a complication.

A holistic birth is generally in the range of $2,000 which seems cheap compared to having a child in a hospital setting without health insurance.

Birthing center’s midwives assist with more than the birth. They assist with preparing an expectant mother with breathing classes, offer prenatal care and natural vitamins, and are available to come to your home if you feel more comfortable with a home birth.

The Reality Of Research


Researching individual markets, as well as options through a spouse or parent, is essential for an easier, less stressful pregnancy. Throughout the process, having a doctor or midwife alleviates your worry while you prepare for your tiny miracle.

If you find yourself uninsured and nearing your due date, calling local obstetricians and hospitals may garner you a reduction in price with a bit of negotiating and explaining. Some doctors prefer the avenue of negotiating price because it is a cash payment. Discount cards and services are also available if you do not find health coverage that suits you or your pocket book.

Complication does happen. In your research of health insurance coverage, take into account your child once they are born. You may have a child who comes into the World with a pre-existing condition and requires consistent care. The government mandates that insurance covers your baby with an illness, whether you have decided on The Marketplace, workplace group plans, or private insurer.

Stress-free Bundle of Joy


You have taken into account your options. You have done the math when it comes to premiums and deductibles, but ultimately it is your choice. You are the mother, and you have questions. Do not fear to ask what it takes to soothe your fears or concerns you have which include whether your chosen doctor accepts your particular insurance policy.

Be sure to compare prices, procedures, and proper care facilities so that your birthing experience is not one that is interrupted by the panic that comes with not knowing how you will pay the bill, rather; it comes with the joy of having a baby.

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