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What is a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan?

The magnitude of health insurance changes that have occurred over the past few years have resulted in many consumers feeling lost or confused. With more people opting for lower-cost high-deductible health insurance coverage, the risk of greater out-of-pocket spending for medical services increases as well. Fortunately, there are avenues that have been provided by the […]

What is United Medical Resources (UMR)?

United Medical Resources is affiliated with the United Healthcare insurance company, but it is not considered an insurance company on its own. It is a third party administrator. It is actually the largest TPA in the United States and offers several administrative benefits to employers and beneficiaries that enroll. United Medical Resources offers consistent customer […]

What is a CDHP medical plan?

The goal of a CDHP is to expose you to the financial effects of medical-related expenses, which in turn gives you greater control over your health insurance costs. CDHPs include Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and High-Deductible Health Plans. In order to enroll in a CDHP health savings account, known as an HSA, you […]

What is a “carve out” in healthcare?

A carve-out is a management strategy; the party in control of payments or a plan hires a specialist firm to administer some part or parts of a benefits program. Carve-outs occur on two levels of the medical insurance business. Carve-outs occur at the payer level and the plan level. Self-funded employer plans frequently use carve-outs […]

Is health insurance considered a business expense?

When companies provide employees with group health coverage, the organizations can write off the cost as a business expense. Individuals without insurance through an employer can reduce personal incomes taxes by investing in a health savings account. Generally speaking, deducting the cost of insurance as a business expense is primarily designated for taxpayers who are […]

When do medical benefits end after termination?

Many health insurance issues are more complex than people initially think, and the issue of medical benefits after termination is no exception. The law that covers the continuation of medical benefits after termination is called COBRA. COBRA generally allows people who have left a job to keep their health coverage from between 18 to 36 […]

Medical Insurance for Veterinarians

How do I get health insurance through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation? As a veterinarian, you have several health insurance options. With the American Veterinary Medical Foundation Life program, you can get a plan that offers life insurance, disability benefits, hospital coverage, and other coverage through the New York Life Insurance Company. Additionally, typical medical […]

What does “plan sponsor” mean?

In the insurance industry, there are various parties who may set up insurance policies for you. If it is an individual health insurance policy, usually the person or persons on the policy will work with an insurance expert such as an insurance agent or company. If it is a group health insurance policy, the employee […]

How does group medical insurance work?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, group medical insurance a health plan established or maintained by an employee organization, like a union, or an employer. This welfare benefit plan is designed to provide medical care services for the participants and their dependents through insurance, reimbursement, directly or other similar means. In some cases, the […]

What does “permanent health insurance” mean?

The concept of permanent health insurance is nothing new. It is designed as an insurance policy whose sole aim is to provide income protection in the event the covered individual is forced out of work due to a documented illness or injury. The plan is meant to pay a monthly income to the individual in […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save