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When to Buy Private Health Insurance

The annual open enrollment period for Obamacare is the best time to buy health insurance. Eligible applicants can buy on or off the exchange and get full federal premium assistance and costs reduction benefits. Private insurance providers prepare their plans keyed to open enrollment. They can compete with the Obamacare sellers and Marketplace products by […]

What do you need to get health insurance?

What documentation and information do you need to get health insurance? In order to get health insurance, you will need to know the size of your household and who in your household needs to apply for their own coverage. You will also need to know the home and mailing address of everyone who is going […]

What to Do When Your Health Insurance Runs Out

Many people often wonder what they should do when their health insurance runs out or is about to run out. Here are a few things that you need to know that will help you make those important decisions when your health insurance is close to expiring or has expired. Enter your zip code on this […]

What do I need to know about health insurance?

You have probably heard of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is sometimes also referred to as ObamaCare, and that it now requires almost all Americans to purchase health insurance. There are some exemptions from this requirement, but it is very likely that you will need to find a health insurance plan that makes the […]

What’s the penalty for not having healthcare?

If you do not have health insurance, you will end up paying a penalty when tax season comes around. The penalty that you will pay is called the individual shared responsibility payment. Even if you are not insured for just some months out of the year, you will still have to pay the federal penalty […]

When can you buy government health insurance?

Government insurance has been available in the United States since 1965. But unlike other health care models around the world, government insurance is only available to some. You can only get government insurance if you fall under certain circumstances, such as income, disability, or age. If you or your family are able to get government […]

What do I look for when buying individual health insurance?

Buying health insurance is simpler than before the Affordable Care Act, but the choices are important for the best possible outcome for buyers. Insurers can no longer deny coverage. Obamacare ensures that the plans have a minimum value and essential health benefits. Obamacare also provides free services that help prevent illness and detect conditions early […]

When can I buy health insurance under Obamacare?

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, created health insurance marketplaces for most states. A state marketplace is where you can buy health insurance if you don’t have an employer-provided plan. Check out qualifying health insurance quotes for free by entering your zip on our site after you read the article! Qualifying for Obamacare […]

Should people be forced to buy health insurance?

Forcing people to do something almost seems anti-American since this country was founded on the idea that we are allowed to make our own choices. However, with the rising cost of healthcare is America, many people simply cannot afford it and elect to go without. Not only is this a proposition risky for those individuals, […]

What health insurance promises are always made at election time?

National health care reform has been a hot topic during national elections for decades. A few major promises have included health insurance for everyone, lower premiums, and better coverage. There is also debate over how to handle the Medicaid and Medicare programs. While presidential candidates have always promised reform, none were as vocal as President […]

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save